Dragon cambridge

Designed to make the top layer of soil more dense directly after plowing, before sowing or after sowing, and to form a crustacean structure. Particularly useful on compact, argillaceous soils, where they perfectly grate plowed lambs, while simultaneously thickening and levelling the top layer of soil.
Thanks to a special profile the shaft rings penetrate into the soil and cause its surface to thicken. The significant weight per meter of width causes sufficient hardening and levelling of the arable layer. Thanks to this, deep grooves are not formed during subsequent runs, and due to the better capillary nature of the soil, a better germination of the soil is obtained.
The immediate benefits of using the shafts are alignment of the field and breaking of solids; Improved seed contact with soil, which significantly affects the uniformity of germination; retention of moisture; reduction of soil erosion; improvement of soil structure.
The DRAGON CAMBRIDGE unit can be equipped with one of several front replacement blades.