Warrior is a plowless cultivator with three rows of plow beams, leveling discs and a tillage roller. It works great as a tillage machine for sowing, it greatly improves and increases the quality of field work. We offer machines with a width of 3 m, 2.7 m and 2.4 m, both with spring and pin protection. It is a perfect solution to speed up field work, thanks to which we can save our time and money.


- System HRS

- Security Non-Stop or screw protection from stones

- Tubular roller

Additional equipment:

- System KRCK

- Ring schafts/C-RING/T-RING/V-RING

- Tandem schafts/C-RING/T-RING/V-RING

- Hydraulic shaft adjustment

- Elastic scraper bar

- Lighting LED