Katana CUT

The Katana CUT knife roller is a machine used for cutting and shredding catch crops and corn crop residues. It is equipped with a double cutting shaft with a diameter of 360mm each, ensuring high rotational speed, thanks to which we can count on even better fragmentation of the plant material. Each knife on the shaft is made of high-quality hard-abrasive steel, their spiral shape ensures more efficient work and self-sharpening of the cutting edge, thanks to which the knives guarantee many years of work at the highest quality. The independent construction of the working frame allows the machine to overcome the track in a curve and copy unevenness. Katana CUT is a machine made of the highest quality materials and designed to work in the toughest conditions.


- Rubber protection

- Spiral cutting shaft

Additnional equipment:

- Impuls rail

- Weights

- Lighting LED